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CBD Vape Pen – Oil Cartridge and Battery

FlowerChild CBD Vape Pen – Oil Cartridge and Battery/Charger

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Cartridge: Our CO2 Vape Oil starts with high quality, organic hemp farmed in Oregon, USA. Our chemist takes pride in producing a wonderfully smooth, sweet tasting oil that is quite delicious to vape. His gentle technique retains all of the compounds, terpenes and flavonoids for a fabulous therapeutic vaping experience.

Our CBD vape oil is pure CO2 extract with no additives or fillers. CCELL Core conducts heat into the fluid radially reducing viscosity and improving flow without burning the oil as traditional wicks do.

Battery: Our top-of-the-line CCELL technology vape battery has been synched with our cartridges for optimal performance. Easy to use – just inhale!